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Solidarity Programme

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The Funds under the Framework Programme on Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows (i.e. Solidarity Funds) are aimed at helping EU Member States in the introduction of integrated management of the external borders of the European Union and the implementation of common policies on asylum and immigration. The main objective is to address the issue of a fair share of responsibilities and increase solidarity between Member States, thus strengthening the freedom, security and justice within the EU.


The framework programme consists of four financial instruments or Funds, each one of them aimed to cover one specific field of the integrated management of migration flows. On a whole, some EUR 4 billion has been reserved for the Framework Programme on Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows for the period 2007-2013, distributed in proportion to the efforts the Member States undertake for the benefit of the Community as a whole.


To manage these funds, each Member State assigns a governmental body that will be a contact point between the Commission and the final beneficiaries. The distribution of responsibilities over the Funds amongst the Spanish authorities has been decided according to the competences each ministry holds according to Royal Decree 1823/2011 of December 21, 2011, by the Head of the Government, which establishes the new structure of the Ministerial Departments.

The Ministry of Employment and Social Security is responsible for the execution of:

On the other hand, the Ministry of Interior is responsible for:

  • Return Fund, intended for return policies for third countries nationals with residency or not, through both enforced and voluntary return measures. The Ministry of Employment and Social Security is the Delegated Authority for the management of the Fund by running the Voluntary Return actions.
  • External Borders Fund is aimed to improve the control and the surveillance of the external borders of the Union.

More information on the framework programme "Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows" can be found in the following web page: The European Commission


The SOLID Committee has elaborated and approved different documents regarding the implementation of the Solidarity Funds, among them: